Let my people go!

I have written before about the case of my dear friend from El Salvador who has been locked up in an immigration detention center for six months with her three young children.

We had been hopeful that her children would be granted bond at their hearing last week and the family finally released. But unfortunately, in a surprising and sad turn of events, the judge denied the children bond last week. I spoke to her and her daughter (age 10) on the phone, and they were both devastated.

She is going to be appealing this decision, and I am hoping to support her by getting some media attention to the case. I have started an online petition that you can sign and share:


I can’t help but think of the African American Spiritual “Let My People Go!“:

When Israel was in Egypt’s land: Let my people go,
Oppress’d so hard they could not stand, Let my People go.

Go down, Moses,
Way down in Egypt’s land,
Tell old Pharaoh,
Let my people go.

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