Make a Call for Freedom

My dear friend Sonia and her three small children have now been locked up for almost 8 months after fleeing horrific violence in their home country.

The final hearing for her asylum case is coming up this Wednesday, March 25th, and the odds are very much against her winning. Only two families held at Karnes have been able to win their asylum claims so far.

Our best hope at the moment, is to get immigration to release her and her children, so they can fight their cases from a more favorable jurisdiction outside of detention, where they will also be able to receive adequate mental health services and begin to heal from the trauma of violence and incarceration.

free sonia flyer 1(1)So I beg you to please take 5 minutes of your time TODAY (Monday 3/23) or tomorrow (Tuesday 3/24) to call immigration and ask that they release her. (West-Coast folks, note that these are DC-area offices). We know that ICE has responded to community pressure in the past.

Thank you so much for your support for Sonia and her family.


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